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researcher application

Version 1.0










                                                                                                                                          October 2015



1.0       Generic menu & pre-login

The CCV Researcher Application provides a standard list of menu items which are accessible from anywhere within the application


Français – to switch to French language

Home – to switch to the pre-login page

Contact Us – lists the CCV helpdesk of each funding source. All applicants need to contact these helpdesks directly for support

Help – displays this document

Login – to access the application and submit a CV


The generic menu is accessible from any page within the application.


The system time, which is the time in Ottawa, Canada, is also shown. For applicants in different time zones it is very important to know the funding organization’s application deadline as it may differ from the system time.


The new CCV has a pre-login page where valuable information about the CCV such as system requirements, members, latest news, demos and so on  are provided. This page is also accessible by clicking on the Home menu item. The content of this page is subject to change without any notice as the CCV evolves and new information is available.




Figure 1Generic menu items & pre-login




2.0       Login

On the login page the username and password are mandatory.

If you have forgotten your username,  click on the Forgot Username button to retrieve it.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password button to retrieve it

If you are a new user click on the Register button to create a new account


Figure 2Login

Some important points:

·         A user can have only one account

·         During the registration process or when changing the user account information, It is highly recommended to use reminder questions that can easily be remembered as these will be required, in the future, to retrieve any forgotten username or passwords.

·         A user who has forgotten the reminder questions need to go through the helpdesk to have their password reset


3.0       Application menu & Welcome page

The first page shown when entering the application is the Welcome page.

This pages shows


·         The title, first name and family name of the CV owner

·         The system time

·         A System Messages box. These messages are meant to give information specific to the application. Messages are classified as

o   Critical – written in red

o   Major – written in blue

o   Normal – written in black

·         A CCV Members box listing all members of the CCV. Clicking on the logo redirects to the member’s website


On top of each page of the application is the Application Menu. The following are available:


·         Welcome – return to the Welcome page

·         CV – access the CV, modify data and submit to a funding organization

·         History – view past CV submissions

·         Consent – manage consents on the use of this application, data sharing with funding organizations and transfer of CV data to a Canadian public directory of researchers

·         Transfer – import and export the CV is an XML format

·         PIN – manage PINs or System Accounts required by some funding organizations prior to submitting a CV to them

·         Account – manage personal information in the CCV account


Note that some pages (e.g. within the CV menu) are in a flow and moving away via the menu will break the flow and will require restarting the flow again. For example if a Funding Source, CV Type and a specific section within a CV are chosen starting from the CV menu, then if Account menu is clicked, to go back to the section, one has to reselect the CV menu, Funding Source, CV Type and the section again.





Figure 3 Welcome page


4.0       Generic CV

Clicking on CV/Generic displays the Generic CV. On this page a user may

·   Fill in all the sections and fields available in the CCV dataset

·   See when a section was last updated

·   Generate a PDF preview of the CV


Figure 4Generic CV

Note that in the Generic CV, business rules specific to funding organizations are not run.








5.0       Funding CV

The Funding CV is used to enter data specific to a funding organization and subsequently submit the CV to that organization. To access a Funding CV one has to select a Funding Source and a CV Type starting from the CV menu.


This page shows

·         The Funding Source that was selected

·         The CV Type that was selected

·         The status of the PIN validation, if one is required for that Funding Source. If the status is invalid, the CV cannot be submitted and the PIN validation process has to be completed via the PIN menu.

·         Error messages if there are errors to be fixed. No CV can be submitted if there are errors.

·         A grid containing all the sections that are required for this funding organizations. This is a subset of the Generic CV.

·         Sections that have errors are denoted with a X

·         On the grid, column Included / Entries displays the total number of records and the number of records selected for submission within this section. The CCV offers the ability to add several records and selectively chose the ones to be submitted to a funding organization

·         A preview button which generates a PDF of the CV. This PDF is marked with a DRAFT watermark and is meant to preview how the final PDF will look like. It should never be used to apply for funding.

·         The Submit button to start the submission process which includes

o   Consenting to the CV data leaving the CCV system

o   Acknowledging specific informative text messages from funding organizations, if applicable

o   Saving the automatically generated confirmation number which is proof that the CV was successfully submitted. Note that some funding organizations require this confirmation number to be entered in their system to process the CV submission

o   Going to the History menu and reviewing the PDF of the submitted CV. Some agencies require a PDF to be sent to them and this is the PDF to be used (without the DRAFT watermark)


It is recommended not to submit a CV multiple times when applying for a specific opportunity




Figure 5Funding CV




6.0       History


After each submission, an entry is created in the History grid. One can review a CV that was submitted in the past and generate a PDF of that CV.


The Confirmation Number, the Funding Source and CV Type selected and the date and time the CV was submitted are shown in the grid.


The submissions will be kept for a minimum of 2 years, after which the they may be deleted with no advance notice from the CCV. It is recommended to save a copy of the submissions on a local computer.


Figure 6History


7.0       Consent

On the Consent page there are three consents

1.    Privacy Notice Statement – needs to be accepted to be able to use the application. Revoking it will log the user out of the application and the consent will have to be re-accepted on the next login to get access back

2.    Data Sharing – this is an optional consent that allows funding organizations, member of the CCV, access to a user’s CV data

3.    Researchers Directory – this is an optional consent that allow the transmission of some of a user’s CV data to the Canadian Directory of Researchers for public viewing


Figure 7Consent

Consents can be viewed, accepted and revoked on this page


8.0       Transfer (Import & Export)

On the Import page

·         Browse to the XML file to be imported

·         Click on button Parse to validate the file. All recognized sections of the file will be displayed. Users can select which sections to import.

·         Click on Import to import selected sections.


It is very important to note that any imported data will overwrite existing data and this procedure is irreversible. So be very careful when using this functionality.


Figure 8Import



A user’s CV can also be exported in an XML format


To generate a file simply click on Export and save it on a local computer



Figure 9Export

9.0       PIN Validation

Some funding organizations require that a CCV account be validated with their system via a PIN or a system account, prior to any CV submissions to them. The PIN validation page provides this functionality



Simply add a new entry to the grid, select an agency, enter the PIN or system account provided by the agency, and click on validate


In rare cases, the agency’s system may not be available, in which case the user needs to contact the agency’s helpdesk to manually validate the PIN.

10.0   Account

A user’s personal data, entered during registration, can be changed on the Account page.



Some important points to note

·         A user cannot have more than one account in the CCV system. Any changes here that will match an existing user account will be flagged as an error

·         A user will not gain access to the Generic CV and Funding CV until all mandatory data in the account is properly entered.