CCV Operational Committee Terms of Reference


The CCV Operational Committee is governed by the CCV Board of Directors.


The CCV Operational Committee reports to the CCV Board of Directors. The Chair of the CCV Operational Committee attends the quarterly CCV Board Meetings, and reports on operational goals and any potential operational concerns. Board members will receive minutes from the Operational Committee meetings.



Voting Members

Non-Voting Members


Meetings are held every month; no less than quarterly, adhoc.

Meeting location will alternate between CIHR (160 Elgin St) and NSERC/SSHRC (350 Albert St).


In order for a committee meeting to be called to order, there must be sufficient attendance from voting members to achieve quorum. For the CCV Operational Committee, quorum is defined as at least a 50% + 1 membership attendance. Furthermore, at least one representative from each agency (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) must be in attendance in order for quorum to be met.


The committee will discuss all pertinent items. Once all discussion on an item requiring a vote has finished, the Chair will call for a vote. He/she will ask for those in favour of the motion to raise their hands. The Chair will then ask for anyone who is opposed to the motion to raise their hands. The Chair will then ask for any abstainers. A consensus is required from attending voting members to pass any motion. If a consensus is not reached, motions may be escalated to the CCV Board of Directors for decision.

Agenda Items

Agenda items will be identified at the end of each meeting for the following meeting and be compiled as the month proceeds. Any committee member (including CCV staff) is invited to submit agenda items to the Chair. Items and supporting documents must be submitted at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting.

The forward agenda, action items, and any required documentation will be distributed to committee members at least one week prior to the following committee meeting. The meeting minutes will be circulated to committee members as soon as possible following the meeting. The minutes will also be shared with the CCV Board of Directors.


The CCV Operational Committee acts in an operational governing capacity for the CCV Board of Directors, and is responsible for the operational direction of CCV and oversight of its daily operational activities.

Guiding Principles

The CCV Operational Committee will fulfill its work by relying on the following guiding principles:

  1. Ensure that the proper impact and risk assessments have been completed for any change requests where system modifications are required
  2. Ensure that an appropriate change control process is established and followed


  1. Manage the CCV change control process
  2. Maintain oversight of CCV at an operational level


The responsibilities of the Operational Committee is to:

  1. Review CCV issues and approve a prioritized list
  2. Discuss, prioritize, and approve all substantive change requests
  3. Approve the changes that will occur for each CCV "Release"
  4. Make recommendations to the Board on a multi-year strategic and operational plans for the CCV
  5. Review all communication pieces going to CCV Stakeholders
  6. Report Operational Activities to the Board on a Regular Basis
  7. Chair of Operational Committee will report to Board


The CCV Operational Committee has the authority to:


As required, an evaluation of the Operational Committee and its progress will be performed on a yearly basis, and the results from the evaluation (in the form of a report) will be shared with the Board in the Spring of each year.


Appointments to the CCV Operational Committee will be made by the CCV Board Member of each respective granting agency.

Terms of Reference

Created: December 9th, 2013
Approved: July 11, 2014
Revised: September 17, 2015 and May 7, 2018
Revisions approved: October 6, 2015; March 24, 2016 and May 10, 2018.